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From Individuals to Organizations both large and small, our Emotional Intelligence Services can be custom-crafted to fit your specific needs. 

Listen to Deb talk about her organization’s offerings, or click below to read more about each service:



On an organizational level, Emotional Intelligence can be transformative. coachEQ specializes in creating and implementing customized EQ training programs for Executive Leadership Teams, departments, and groups. In every team training, the goal is for the team to both learn and practice EQ skills and — as important — for them to develop stronger and healthier relationships with each other. Training features include:

  • A Comprehensive Overview of EQ and its benefits
  • Individual EQ Assessments for every team member
  • EQ Skill Building Sessions around specific needs

Half-day, full-day, and two-day training sessions are available, and include an interactive presentation, awareness and relationship building, and customized action plans built around individual EQ Assessments.



On its own or as part of a comprehensive training program, individual Emotional Intelligence Coaching is at the very heart of what coachEQ does. These tailored, one-on-one sessions with leaders and team members are based on individual or 360 Assessments, and are designed to achieve three objectives:

1. Identify the behaviors and patterns that are getting in the way

2. Develop new skills that make them more effective leaders

3. Create a tailored strategy that leads to organizational success


Whether you’re a CEO, Director, Department head, or management — Emotional Intelligence Coaching can help you work better with others, feel more purposeful, and become a better leader.


When it comes to your organization’s hiring and HR practices, Emotional Intelligence Consulting provides actionable insights that translate into exceptional employees. Designed to be utilized using the interview and evaluation process, our EQ Consulting services for hiring can identify:

  • Better-qualified candidates

  • Team members built to stick around

  • Your organization’s next leaders


Prime candidates for every level of your organization are out there — don’t let them get lost in a sea of outdated evaluation techniques and misleading interview methods.